Feature: Kuwaitis celebrate Eid al

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This year, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates started Eid on Tuesday, while Egypt, Syria and Jordan started it on Wednesday.

"People give balloons and chocolate to children to share the joy, then, family will have breakfast together and give money to children," he added, saying that giving money to children, young brothers, relative's children in Eid is obligatory if you are a grown up.

Every year, her family members and relatives gather in one place to bless and share a meal.

"Also, we prepare new clothes for all family members to receive Eid," he added.

"For many of us, we book a restaurant to offer a full buffet with a reception service," she said.

The Eid begins with the first sighting of the new moon, so usually Muslims have to wait until the night to confirm if tomorrow is Eid or not.

"Eid is all about exchanging visits between families and friends which we call it 'Zuwarah.' People need to prepare sweets and cookies that made especially for Eid," he said.

"In Eid, I buy new dresses and go out with friends. I love to do henna on my hand which makes me feel happy," she noted.

"We call it 'Eidia,' referring to the money given in Eid," he explained.

"We start our day by Eid prayer, which usually starts when the sun rises," he said.

"For me, the visit ends on the afternoon, with the timing of the Asr prayer, I enjoy the rest of the day with my own family and we go to buy gifts with the money that my daughters collected from their uncles and grandmothers," Shuaibi said.

Amro Al-Dosari, 33 year old, manager of a local company, told Xinhua how Kuwaitis celebrate the festival.

As for Anood Al-Ghamdi, a 28-year-old Kuwaiti translator, Eid is a must celebration where it is a reward for fasting the whole month.

"With the end of the Eid prayer, my family will have the Eid breakfast in the early morning," she said.

KUWAIT CITY, June 5 (Xinhua) -- After the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

For Athoob Al-Shuaibi, a 41-year-old photographer, Eid is a festival for gatherting.